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This page describes the plugins configured for use with CDMaster32.

NOTE: DFX is the property of various authors/companies and Zittware assumes no responsibility for their use in an illegal manner. If the software requires payment for use, it is the end user's responsibility to provide that payment.

CDMaster32's Audio Enhancement Plugin

CDMaster32 uses a third party plugin to provide Audio Enhancement processing to CDMaster32. This plugin is not required for normal operation of CDMaster32; it is only needed if the user wants to recover or enhance the overall sound of compressed internet audio (I.E. MP3, OGG, MOD).

CDMaster32 uses PowerTechnology's DFX plugin for Sonique to provide the audio restoration routines to CDMaster32 V5.5.0.0 or better.

To Download a free 14-day trial copy of the DFX plugin for Sonique; please click here. Note: that you are not required to register your email address with PowerTechnology to use their trial software; just leave it blank and click the Register button. If you leave your email address with PowerTechnology; Zittware's privacy policy does not apply.

Once you have used their trial; you may register one of two packs to get the registered version of DFX.

  • DFX Master Pack for ALL Players for One Low Price
    which provides plugins for all major MP3 players on the market:
    • Winamp2 & Winamp3
    • Windows Media 9 Series
    • RealOne & RealPlayer
    • MUSICMATCH Jukebox
    • J.River Media Jukebox
    • Sonique
    Zittware highly recommends the Master Pack so that you can enjoy DFX audio enhancement inside CDMaster32 as well in your normal MP3 Players.


  • DFX Sound Enhancement for Sonique
    which provides only the Sonique plugin needed for CDMaster32 (and the Sonique audio player).

To make DFX function with CDMaster32, 

  1. Close CDMaster32 if it is open.
  2. Due to recent changes with the DFX plugin; a pre-setup is necessary to make DFX work with CDMaster32. 
    1. Download the presetup files.
    2. Unzip the presetup files to a local temporary directory like C:\preDFX
    3. Open a command line box.
    4. CD C:\preDFX
    5. run SetupDFX.bat from this command line box.
    6. Follow the onscreen prompts.
  3. Install DFX you downloaded from a link above.
  4. Continue with pre-setup prompts.
  5. upon Re-running CDMaster32 will automatically detect the sonique plugin and provide it's capabilities on the Enhance tab (click here for screenshot) on the Recording options screen. 

Note: You do not need the Sonique player installed to use this plugin with CDMaster32.

(details below are taken from the DFX plugin help file)

What is DFX? Why Do I need it?

"DFX enhances Internet oriented audio listening experiences by correcting for the sonic limitations of all the popular data compressed Internet audio formats. Data compressed audio suffers from two major problems: loss of high frequency fidelity and loss of stereo separation and depth.

DFX compensates for the loss of high frequency fidelity by carefully regenerating the missing high frequency harmonics in the audio. DFX then compensates for the reduced stereo imaging and depth by carefully generating ambience and stereo depth."

The DFX plugin for Sonique provides the following enhancements: 


  • Fidelity: Controls the amount of high frequency harmonics that are regenerated and placed in the audio. Using this control to add Fidelity to the audio eliminates the "muffled" sound that is an artifact of the data compression algorithms used in Internet audio formats.
  • Ambience: Controls the amount of listening room ambience added to the audio, compensating for closely located speakers, poor listening environments and sonic losses due to the data compression methods used with Internet audio formats.
  • 3D Surround: Controls the amount of enhanced 3D stereo depth which is added to the audio, compensating for monitoring limitations and sonic losses due to data compression.
  • Dynamic Boost: Controls the amount of additional loudness to be added to the audio. Using this control to make your final listening level adjustment will allow much higher listening levels while minimizing distortion levels, particularly when using Internet audio systems.
  • HyperBass: Controls the amount of additional low frequency compensation for multimedia speaker systems to add deep, rich bass sound. Greatly improves the bass performance of any sound system.



Note: DFX is not supported or sold by Zittware. You must evaluate DFX and render the proper payment to PowerTechnology to continue to use it after their trial period.

Copyright 2002 by John Zitterkopf.
Last modified: by John Zitterkopf.
Logos are trademarks of their respective owners.

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