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New to version V5.7.1.0:

Bugfixes since V5.7.0.0:

  1. Fixes hang issue seen when AudioCD not in drive.
  2. Fixes rare issue with EInOutError when CDMaster32 is loading.


  1. WMA Files are examined for proper rights in order to burn to AudioCD.
  2. Adds WMA Status screen displaying rights.
  3. Supports other Copy Protected WMA applications:
    • Window Media Player 9
    • MusicMatch Jukebox
    • Roxio AudioCentral (part of Easy CD Creator 6.0 suite)
  4. Provides CD-RW erase on WMA status screen.
  5. Now Supports MusicMatch Copy Protected WMA files.
  6. Improved WMA tagging.
  7. Improved tagging when ripping from custom CDs

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